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If you can’t say something nice, sing it instead. I write songs that are inspired by different experiences in my life. My songs are an outlet for me to tell stories and express the way I feel in an artistically pleasing way.

I come from a creative family. My Grandparents were classical musicians. My Grandma played the Cello and my Grandpa played viola. They made a wonderful string duo. My Grandma was offered a contract with the Chicago Symphony, but turned it down so she could settle down and have a life with my Grandpa. I think a lot of the talent in my family comes from the two of them, so I’m grateful she made that choice.

My songs were recorded and produced by the talented Noel Molenda, who is also my brother. You can hear some of his work at

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  1. Hey, stumbled upon your link on FB and gave it a listen. You have an amazing voice and a good ear for lyrics. As a guitar and piano player in south Louisiana, I know there aren’t enough people doing their own thing anymore, so I encourage you to keep at it an never let your goals out of your sight. And your song about fairweather friends. I’ve known that a lot living down here playing in clubs and whatnot. It’s hard to keep motivated sometimes when they wanna drag you down. You seem like you know what you’re doing though. Good luck to ya!! Namaste!

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